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The official Weatherscan music page

This is the official page for the collection of TWC Weatherscan music. I do not own any of the material on this page, however, I am making it available for those who want it. The music provided here can also be found on Youtube, but I have chosen to archive all 40 songs, plus the additional bonus track rarely heard, as a 41 track, 4 disk download. If you'd rather listen on Youtube, you can use the links to the right to open each playlist on Youtube

For the complete history of Weatherscan, go here..

You can download the 4 disk set of in-house production music (320KBPS mono/stereo) as a zipped archive here.

Music for local forecast 3 cd set by Trammell Starks

Before the music currently being featured on Weatherscan and sometimes on the Local on the Eights, the Weather Channel used several selections from a 3 disk set of jazz performed by a jazz pianist from Georgia named Trammell Starks. Some of his work can be found on YouTube. It may be possible to purchase all 3 CD's from Trammell directly. If you'd like to contact him, check out his site as he does much more than compose music for the Weather Channel. Alternatively, you can find each of the three disks in playlist form on Youtube by using the links to the right.

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