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The WWSNOW Snowman Radio Broadcast

Thank you to the Snowman for allowing me to host these classic mythical radio broadcasts that still draw a moderate amount of attention from folks who remember the show wanting to hear them once again. As you are aware, Jim Snowbarger recently allowed to expire and I have taken up being the main host for these episodes. I have copied the below show summaries from to make it easier to find that special moment in each show. Jim has a lot to offer if you are a JAWS user like scripts and perhaps the god of all scripts, Hotspot Clicker. So show the Snowman some love! The SnowMan Radio Broadcast, a satirical talk show, was produced between August of 1999, and May 2001 by Jim Snowbarger of Marshalltown Iowa. The program was broadcast over Later shows were also broadcast on Shows were also posted on and a now defunked service called All voices and nearly all of the music used on this show were that of Jim Snowbarger. The Program was supposedly originated from a mythical radio station known as WWSNOW, an A.M. station which featured talk programming comprised of the stream-of-consciousness ramblings of The SnowMan. The show featured three primary personalities:

Other personalities referred to but never heard were Nookie, girlfriend of Hefty Genitals, an unnamed secretary, presumably the SnowGirl, and the staff psychologist Dr. Weebit Mental, though Dr. Weebit does make one appearance. The program was actually produced in a small spare bedroom with an 8-channel mixing board, several effects devices and a computer. The first 25% of these programs were produced on analog tape, with the remainder done with multi-track computer software. All programs were produced on Saturday afternoon, and uploaded late saturday night. This page lists each of the 81 installments of the Snowman Radio Broadcast. Topics covered in each program, along with the starting time of each segment, are informally summarized. Click on each heading to listen or download each show. Alternatively, if you are impatient, feel free to download the 3.25 GB archive of all 81 episodes.

Show 1

Show 2

This show features the Jim and Jim in the morning show, a simulated radio morning program with two co-hosts who are, in fact, both The SnowMan.

Show 3

Show 4

Show 5

At the time this was recorded, it was fall. Its amazing how The SnowMan can say he loves and hates yard work at the same time. This leads to more memories, rather interesting.

Show 6

Show 7

Show 8

Show 9

Show 10

Show 11

Show 12

After the typical intro, the Snowman dispenses with the usual format, swears he's getting bored, and begins the craziest show in the series.

Show 13

This is the Christmas show.

Show 14

The SnowMan has been away for 2 weeks and is now getting back in to his normal routine. He promptly apologizes for show 12 admitting that it was really uncalled for, clearly not meaning it at all.

Show 15

Show 16

Show 17

Show 18

Show 19

Show 20

Show 21

Show 22

Show 23

Show 24

This show was Recorded in the spring time.

Show 25

Show 26

Show 27

The SnowMan begins this broadcast very pessimistic, which means that after saying he doesn't know if this is worth anything or not, he tells people how to buy the program, and the details as to why it is a good idea to get a copy of the master recording.

Show 28

The SnowMan begins describing the virus he supposedly put into the computers of his listeners so that a person is unable to turn it off, doesn't work on portable cd players?

Show 29

Show 30

Starts out on a positive note for a change.

Show 31

This is The SnowMan's first time producing the program in the digital domain. He makes a point of turning on the backup tape.

Show 32

Show 33

Show 34

Show 35

Show 36

Show 37

Show 38

More about the transmitter... The SnowMan is still on 660KHz and plan to stay their for a while sense he has invested in new vacuum tubes. This show features the WWSNOW studio, how The SnowMan puts the program together, how the studio looks, and what's in it.

Show 39

This is the pre-convention addition where The SnowMan shuts out the sighties! He talks briefly about the conventions from both of the major blindness organizations.

Show 40

Show 41

The SnowMan starts off by talking about how cool the convention was and how he recommends that people who can should go because of what they will learn. He then shares some notes that he took while at the 2000 acb convention.

Show 42

You got to get up to get a get down feeling. Where will this lead... I have no idea.

Show 43

The SnowMan found an old document about the history of the Iowa school for the blind and described what moon braille, and New York Point Braille looked like.

Show 44

Show 45

Show 46

In this show, Hefties shows up immediately, claiming that all the news he could was below the standards the SnowMan had set for the program. He agrees to sit idly bye, going through his notes. But, of course, he can't keep quiet. So, Hefties and the producer harrass The SnowMan throughout the entire show.

Show 47

Show 48

Show 49

The famous broadcast that exceeds the 24 hour limit.

Show 50

A characteristicly weird opening to this show.

Show 51

The SnowMan Just finished cutting down some dead trees and brings up some nice sound effects to start the show, and now he's really excited about getting started.

Show 52

One of the more unusual Snowman shows, a departure from the usual format, in honor of one full year of broadcasting.

Show 53

Show 54

We immediately learn that The SnowMan is 4% in to year two of the show. To bad he only made it through 55.7% of this year.

Show 55

Show 56

Show 57

This show recorded on a cold windy day in automnmnmnmn.

Show 58

Show 59

Show 60

Show 61

Show 62

Show 63

Christmas show! As of this recording, it is almost vacation time!

Show 64

Show 65

It's the start of a new year, but The SnowMan doesn't wanna change the opening, and of course he never did.

Show 66

Show 67

Show 68

The sun is shining brightly although it is only 11.6 degrees out side of the WWSNOW studios.

Show 69

Wow, this mp3 starts weirdly. It plays a few seconds, starts over, and has a brief pause inserted for some reason starting at 05:28... several more follow, then it sounds like The SnowMan rewinds the tape the broadcast is on because it starts about 5 seconds before the first pause began. But after that, it's ok for the rest of the broadcast fortunately... But anyway, I see he's really happy about this show being 69. Why is that?

Show 70

Show 71

The show starts with the electric power cutting out as a result of the ice storm which had happened the previous day.

Show 72

Spring is on the way although its 0 degrees outside.

Show 73

Weird! At the time of this recording, it was raining on top of a foot of snow.

Show 74

Spring is here, and so is cabin fever.

Show 75

The SnowMan shows off his neet little invention that he can use to read voltages and air pressure and all kinds of stuff with. You can hear your Braille note's display tick off the time in sound forge.

Show 76

Description currently unavailable

Show 77

Description currently unavailable

Show 78

Description currently unavailable

Show 79

Description currently unavailable

Show 80

Description currently unavailable

Show 81

Description currently unavailable

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