The WWSNOW Snowman Radio Broadcast

Thank you to the Snowman for allowing me to host these classic mythical radio broadcasts that still draw a moderate amount of attention from folks who remember the show wanting to hear them once again. As you are aware, Jim Snowbarger recently allowed to expire and I have taken up being the main host for these episodes. I have copied the below show summaries from to make it easier to find that special moment in each show. Jim has a lot to offer if you are a JAWS user like scripts and perhaps the god of all scripts, Hotspot Clicker. So show the Snowman some love!
The SnowMan Radio Broadcast, a satirical talk show, was produced between August of 1999, and May 2001 by Jim Snowbarger of Marshalltown Iowa. The program was broadcast over Later shows were also broadcast on Shows were also posted on and a now defunked service called All voices and nearly all of the music used on this show were that of Jim Snowbarger.
The Program was supposedly originated from a mythical radio station known as WWSNOW, an A.M. station which featured talk programming comprised of the stream-of-consciousness ramblings of The SnowMan. The show featured three primary personalities:

  • The SnowMan - the self-possessed star of the show and boss of the station.
  • Hefty Genitals - NewsMan and general fun-loving man about town.
  • The program engineer and producer, who speaks over an intercom system, often harassing the SnowMan as he does his show, but who is never named.
Other personalities referred to but never heard were Nookie, girlfriend of Hefty Genitals, an unnamed secretary, presumably the SnowGirl, and the staff psychologist Dr. Weebit Mental, though Dr. Weebit does make one appearance.
The program was actually produced in a small spare bedroom with an 8-channel mixing board, several effects devices and a computer. The first 25% of these programs were produced on analog tape, with the remainder done with multi-track computer software. All programs were produced on Saturday afternoon, and uploaded late saturday night.
This page lists each of the 81 installments of the Snowman Radio Broadcast. Topics covered in each program, along with the starting time of each segment, are informally summarized. Click on each heading to listen or download each show. Alternatively, if you are impatient, feel free to download the 3.25 GB archive of all 81 episodes.

Show 1

  • 00:32 - The SnowMan gets rid of the music listeners who were just under the impression that this was another music show. The SnowMan introduces himself and begins the rant about wasting time.
  • 02:54 - The SnowMan briefly describes his studio and the kind of work it does.
  • 05:15 - The first of several rantings on how and why The SnowMan hates TV.
  • 08:29 - Some weird things The SnowMan thinks about as a result of not watching TV.
  • 12:26 - Still thinking, now about how companies make up names for things just for laughs.
  • 15:25 - A non-original music break.
  • 20:13 - The first commercial. Anal retention, syndrome.
  • 25:27 - Commercial for Ecoli, more anal humor.
  • 26:43 - The first disclaimer to not believe every thing The you hear, especially when it comes from The SnowMan.
  • 27:20 - Things The SnowMan believes although he knows they are not literally true.

Show 2

This show features the Jim and Jim in the morning show, a simulated radio morning program with two co-hosts who are, in fact, both The SnowMan.

  • 05:06 - A promo for a mythical David Gates concert and a snippet from Make It With You, where David sounds like he's licking his lips. I heard this song on an oldies station a few days ago, and that wasn't bs, it really does sound like he's sucking face!
  • 07:03.2 - One of the The SnowMen trying to impersonate David Gates. I Found Her Darier Beneath A Tree.
  • 08:31 - An add for classical guitar lessons. Boys are just a dollar, and Girls are Free!
  • 09:09 - The launderer commercial. Congressional Cleaners.
  • 10:08 - Commercial for Hidey Ho's Restaurant. A truly international dining experience. These commercials are great! Especially what follows immediately after this one.
  • 11:39 - The plastic slinkey toy. And, it's the SnowMan's birthday.13:20 - The SnowMan closes the Jim and Jim in the morning segment with a little original music written by the SnowMan. all kinds of weird little delays and cool production in this one.
  • 19:15 - Things The SnowMan thinks are good.
  • 23:04 - The land of milk and honey. The SnowMan paints a verbal picture of an imaginary land in which nearly everything is eatable. This is rather relaxing. I love this segment.

Show 3

  • 01:17 - The infamous disclaimer that not everything on the program is true. This disclaimer is immediately followed by a conjecture on how defective ideas are similar to infectious diseases.
  • 03:36 - Ronald snairsbie's fifty-seventh and a half birthday. He does not celebrate his birthday on the day he was born, but, rather, on each of his parents birthdays so he does not get old as quickly, despite the fact that his "years" mount up more quickly. The SnowMan list some of his other claims to fame, one of which is using the vacuum cleaner to talk or sing. Mr. Snairsbie is featured, in concert, on show 25.
  • 00:09:55 - The SnowMan hears one of Mr. Snairsbie's live performances.
  • 13:01 - The SnowMan launches in to a tirade, expounding some crap about biabites, a disease people supposedly get from bee bites. This leads to how people can get government benefits for anything. The SnowMan even has a little slogan for this thing.
  • 15:02 - Musical break, from the group, the yellow Jackets.
  • 18:38 - The SnowMan editorializes on politics, elections, and a new world order. Blah, blah, blah. The Snowman goes off his rocker, immitating George Bush SR. and making up lyrics to some acapella sing thing. At least, He is enjoying himself.
  • 23:46 - The SnowMan talks about the thing he cares about more than anything else, girls, and how great some seem at first until you actually get to know them. Very true.
  • 27:04 - A little song about the wrong girl.

Show 4

  • 01:45 - Mangos For Mongrels. A sitirical charity designed to get Mangos into the hands of common people.
  • 06:46 - The usual spot for
  • 07:27 - Some more original music. The SnowMan introduced this particular piece by mentioning that because he has so much equipment he tends to produce such things. If you have the equipment, you have to use it.
  • 00:13:47.3 - Take the Orick Challenge, and consider how useful the Orick XL vacuum cleaner would be as a weapon of self defense. This satirical bit encourages women to demand good American steel in their Vacuums. It's good for the economy.
  • 15:57 - A dramatic bit in which a pair of copps attempt to coax a crook down out of the pipes, and have to resort to spraying female pheromones on themselves to soften his disposition.
  • 17:28 - A visit to the farm, a farmer talks to his animal friends, and gets a reaction.
  • 18:35 - A word from our sponsor, Ed's All Night Egg Bar. Where you can even eat the bar.
  • 20:22 - Peat Paxton's personality sampler. An interview.
  • 26:04 - Fun with sampling crickets. What would they sound like it they were 16 inches long?

Show 5

At the time this was recorded, it was fall. Its amazing how The SnowMan can say he loves and hates yard work at the same time. This leads to more memories, rather interesting.

  • 00:07:22.1 - News man Hefty Genitals opens his initial broadcast from the WWSNOW can, but he has no news. The SnowMan then ask someone to bring it in to him.
  • 00:09:21.3 - The word of the year, Columbine, (Columbine High), how the media can sensationalize a tragedy, especially after they have helped create the social environment in which such things happen. Then, TONGUE twisters and other vocal crap leads to original Music, Silly Sally, Also heard on show 33.
  • 00:17:29.6 - More music. I have no idea where this came from but it's a little redundant. So, don't listen to it.
  • 00:22:20.9 - The SnowMan talks about how cool his drums sound and how he captures them. Like we care.
  • 00:26:14.9 - A word from our sponsor, an all-natural dietary supplement. Pond Scum, it's what's for breakfast.

Show 6

  • 00:01:20.4 - The SnowMan is in really high tech mode today, Complete with distortion and other effects.
  • 00:09:04.7 - Things The SnowMan thinks about while traveling, and sitting around airports.
  • 00:11:36.8 - Hefties does The news once again. He comes in not quite prepared with his pants down. He just finished a rather nice performance on the WWSNOW can. We also hear about dr. Weebit mental, the WWSNOW staff psychologist, for the first time.
  • 00:15:15.6 - This story is about a very smart woman who realized that it would save time if one didn't fold underwear because no one would see them anyway. Naturally, The Snowman thinks this sounds like common sense, since it leads to less work.
  • 00:17:02.9 - This story gives a very good reason as to why blind people tend to get out of sink with the world and end up staying up all night. it's not the lack of eye sight, it's due to a bad batch of watch batteries, purchased by the American Foundation For The Blind.
  • 00:18:29.7 - SnowMan original music, The song "share your love and stay the night."
  • 00:23:18.9 - This is the little production where The SnowMan makes fun of his new computer by writing himself a letter. Following this, The SnowMan reminisces about all the wonderful old forgotten computer hardware.. What will future archiologists make of all the little pannel pop-outs that were used to cover expansions slots in PC cases?

Show 7

  • 00:00:43.7 - The SnowMan starts with some BS about doing a 44 second show. During the recording of the broadcast, he is trying to work on establishing a permanent time slot on
  • 00:02:52.5 - It's vacation time for The SnowMan, which means his endless creativity runs thin. The SnowMan describes his WWSNOW party shed.
  • 00:05:33.8 - The SnowMan shows JAWS users how they can make the caps lock key talk, but have all the other keys be quiet with jaws.
  • 00:08:03.7 - The SnowMan recalls how he got in to radio as a kid. And how he used a local oscillator in a radio to transmit.
  • 00:17:59.8 - SnowMan Original music, "Life goes on."
  • 00:22:16.2 - A commercial about how to help cure pds by listening to nondirectional beacons on the A.M radio.
  • 00:24:15.2 - A live broadcast from the national chocolate milk tasters convention, La Leche Chocolate.

Show 8

  • 00:01:19.6 - The SnowMan reads and comments on people's email.
  • 00:02:23.9 - The SnowMan begins one of his most frequent tirades about the diminishing level of quality in the world generally, and how people should do their jobs as well as they possibly can, because it is a better world when jobs are done well.
  • 00:07:33.2 - A visit to the SnowMan's personal Chinese dentist.
  • 00:12:44.2 - News Man Hefty Genetals returned from his vacation to immediately be put in the WWSNOW Looney bin, but not before first doing the WWSNOW News That's Not News.
  • 00:14:37.9 - The first story is about a 3 year old girl who survived a 225-foot drop. The next story was about a freak that kept stealing dress manikins.
  • 00:16:38.3 - The Silly Sally song.
  • 00:18:59.3 - A public service announcement encouraging people to not burn trash.
  • 00:19:28.5 - An ad for a tantalizing, new movie, The Shaming Of Ms. Jennifer.
  • 20:35 - An elaborate production about growing up in the country, and moving to the city.

Show 9

  • 00:01:56.9 - The SnowMan talks about the fact that the show will be in the archives, so that people who miss the show can listen on sunday, but pretend it was Saturday. He says he use to do this on Sunday. This feeling of depression on Sunday comes from his experiences at the school for the blind. He talks about the weekly cycle, which involves coming home, hanging out, and going back.
  • 00:07:41.8 - The SnowMan gives out a web site which has all kinds of discussion forums for people, mainly about blind schools.
  • 00:09:24.6 - A few truths about dogs. Actually informative. But The SnowMan adds a little unexpected spin.
  • 00:12:11.3 - Hefties reports the News, reported from the wwsnow loony bin. He was put in the Looney bin because he was simply discussing the weather with the geraniums in front of the studio.
  • 00:14:09.1 - The SnowMan reveals how news man Hefty Genitals got his name.
  • 00:15:00.2 - A doctor prescribed viagra to a woman because her husband wanted to enhance their love life.
  • 00:17:01.3 - Another commercial for "The shaming of Ms. Jennifer."
  • 00:19:13.1 - The SnowMan shows people how he can say stuff backwards and flip it around so it comes out reasonably normal. A practice in the art of reverse speech.
  • 00:20:02.4 - Original music from The SnowMan, "Boards", highly whimsical.
  • 00:23:51.2 - Special guest Duds Verbundum appears with the word of the day.
  • 00:27:16.7 - The SnowMan kills duds by accident because Duds said the N word (Nigger) And the snowman had a viseral response. But all is well when it turns out that Duds faked his own death.
  • 00:27:40.0 - So, for what it was worth, The SnowMan called 911 reporting that he had committed murder.

Show 10

  • 01:43 - The fun had getting the shows on the air. Leading to a tirade on how people should not own/worry about computers because it takes too much patience.
  • 06:41 - The SnowMan talks about the weather and how he use to make money by rescuing sighted kids who got lost in the cornfields. Also memories from the Braille jaill (school for the blind) and the swing set.
  • 00:16:04 - Original music, a perity of the song "How can I live with out You.
  • 17:01.3 - The news That Is Not News.
  • 18:00 - The SnowMan makes Hefties talk about the movie "The shaming of Ms. Jennifer."
  • 19:39 - Talking about how screwy the judicial system is. junk food companies vs. Fat smackers.
  • 00:22:27 - Original music from The SnowMan recorded in 1988.
  • 26:46 - The game of lets make a sentence.

Show 11

  • The SnowMan is miked in extreme stereo for a change. The SnowMan then talks about how cool LSA is except for sities who think it is boring.
  • 03:32 - The SnowMan gives a tip for people who need to isolate mikes on stands from vibration from the surface they are sitting on.
  • 05:26 - A very elaborate story about the time when The SnowMan was in the class entry way at work, and found his fly was unzipped! Did the reptionish call and invite him to lunch?
  • 09:05. - The SnowMan talks about how long it takes some people to fall asleep and wake up as opposed to others. This Leeds up to the story about how The SnowMan got in trouble by trying to play with his parents radio in the middle of the night.
  • 16:18 - The SnowMan recalls the time his mom gave him a bloody nose. Ties in with the radio thing rather nicely.
  • 19:29 - Original music, hungry love, written in 1987.
  • 24:08 - Hefties is on vacation. he's MIA. This leads in to a discussion of TLAs. (3-letter acronym).
  • 28:54 - A little warning about next weeks broadcast. show 12 where the SnowMan departs from his usual chat format.

Show 12

After the typical intro, the Snowman dispenses with the usual format, swears he's getting bored, and begins the craziest show in the series.

  • 0:48 - The freaky stuff begins
  • 1:18 - The SnowMan start smoking on the radio. Then, he gets high, and starts listening to En-A-Goda-davida, but the enjoyment ends prematurely because winamp crashed.
  • 2:18 - The little parity of Dr. Jaws.
  • 3:07 - the government interferes to talk about y2k provisions.
  • 5:28 - The solution to wind up radios, batteries you can eat.
  • 7:42 - Who invented the tin can?
  • 9:11 - The yaha shower jell commercial.
  • 10:29 - A guy who came out of the closet and admitted he was a falatalist.
  • 11:23 - This is the part where Charlie was going to jump over a bridge and his "Boss," shows up to save him, showing him that smoking is a more enjoyable way to commit suicide, and tries to get him benefits from the government.
  • 12:55 - Who ordered the pizza?>
  • 13:39 - Cute little song, I'm a weenie in a brothel.
  • 14:09 - The thing about dancing which leads up to the song The SnowMan wrote in 1985, Down To The City. The song starts At 15 minutes even.
  • 19:18 - Scat, truly international music.
  • 20:47 - A bunch of instances of The SnowMan sit around and talk, then sing grace. Food is god all mighty.
  • 22:10 - The individualist in the group who'd rather talk to himself. A truly dull and boring guy.
  • 22:45 - Using a mechanical means of singing.
  • 24:27 - A general deterioration in skill. It is truly a disaster.
  • 26:11 - It really is time for someone to take charge.
  • 27:55 - Swinging is fun. Pulling on the chains, going forward settling back. The answer to life lies in optimizing the length of one's swing.
  • 29:12 - Dr. Laura, is it okay?
  • 29:57 - Show closes.

Show 13

This is the Christmas show.

  • 01:32 - The SnowMan introduces and reads a 15-step program on how to give cats their medication. It' ain't as easy as you think.
  • ? 09:18 - How to get dogs to take their medication. It's a lot easier.
  • 9:46 - talk about The SnowMan's Christmas vacation and how cool it is.
  • 11:15 - A perity on The Carpenters's Merry Christmas Darling, like only the Snowman can do it.
  • 14:54 - Ralf the queer elf.
  • 16:06 - The mcGregors furniture store commercial.
  • 17:35 - The SnowMan recalls when and how he discovered that Santa wasn't real.
  • 20:52 - The SnowMan talks about the Christmas when he got his first tape recorder.
  • 24:22 - The SnowMan plays the song he wrote in 1990 for his wife.
  • 27:39 - The SnowMan gives out a web address for people who want to read stories people had written about their experiences when they were in a school for the blind.
  • 28:35 - The SnowMan recounts the wonderful Christmas program he and his school mates put on at the school for the blind. This is when Marvin passed out and knocked the big kettle drum off of its stand. Then pandemonium breaks out. Can this all be true?

Show 14

The SnowMan has been away for 2 weeks and is now getting back in to his normal routine. He promptly apologizes for show 12 admitting that it was really uncalled for, clearly not meaning it at all.

  • 01:20 - The SnowMan plays a stupid Carpenters song about Saturday, immitating Richard Carpenter, lisp and all.
  • 02:09 - Talks how weird his week has been and how it relates to y2k which hasn't happened yet. This has a few weird little ironic coincidences in it.
  • 06:20 - More stories from when The SnowMan was a kid, living in the Braille Jaill. These are about several occasions where The SnowMan and his friends stayed up all night the day before going home for vacations.
  • 22:07 - Original Music from the SnowMan, "On my way," 1987.
  • 25:48 - The SnowMan talks about how he feels when he listens back on stuff he wrote in his romantic days. According to this show romantic music makes The SnowMan hungry. This makes him think about how people are wired differently, but how ironically, The SnowMan almost failed psychology. He guesses you must have to buy the book and read it to pass the course.
  • 28:45 - More romantic music to allow The SnowMan to get in touch with the cannibal within.

Show 15

  • General chat about acb radio and junk like that, As well as things he likes to do on vacations.
  • 08:06 - The SnowMan plays with his dp 4 effects processor.
  • 11:12 - This brief demo leads up to a sketchy description of the studio for all of the new listeners on ACB radio.
  • 16:23 - While browsing the dat portion of his archive The SnowMan found a jingle he did which was a remake of an eagles song.
  • 16:57 - a master muffler and break skit. Also heard on show 61.
  • 18:10 - The process of talking to yourself via multitrack tape and what The SnowMan did before that was available.
  • 24:18 - A little traveling original music from The SnowMan.

Show 16

  • 01-:48 - The SnowMan station of origin is an am station, broadcasting on ideas band, as The SnowMan calls it. He calls to his listeners to help him find a good and cheep am transmitter.
  • 03:14 - In trying to locate the program notes he had made, this develops in to a little recollection of how The SnowMan was really bad when it came to reading out loud in grade school.
  • 09:38 - By reading people can find all kinds of valuable nuggets of information, such as these. Well actually The SnowMan only read 2 of them before getting off the subject and going on about all kinds of stuff, none of which is worth describing here although what he say iss almost interesting, but not quite.
  • 18:03 - A word from our sponsor, this Program brought to us by the Gullet wine company.
  • 19:37 - Ways to tell if you have PDS. (Pleasure Deficit Syndrome).
  • 24:10 - The SnowMan discovers the jingle package for the "Variations," show he made.

Show 17

  • 01:55 - Because the show is being carried via mp3 thanks to acb radio, and real audio thanks to lsa The SnowMan talks about what the artifacts sound like on each format, and then runs various tests so that the listeners can tell how things are changed.
  • 06:07 - Dumb things people do and why others find them funny. These stories are mainly about blind people having to address a sighted world, but this stuff could happen to anybody.
  • 21:26 - Original Music, Everybody was shoutcast streamin'.
  • 24:01 - An add for Pond Scum, an all-natural dietary supplement, allowing people to eat better! and live longer! Some day we'll all eath this way.
  • 26:09 - We learn what the little blip is on cbs radio.

Show 18

  • 02:40 - A true story that happened to a partially sighted friend of the SnowMan. This is true, of course other stories may not be.
  • 08:52 - Hefties is back from his Christmas vacation. The SnowMan and Hefties talk briefly about the staff Christmas party, then he reintroduces himself since their have been a lot of new listeners just coming on.
  • 11:36 - He begins reading the news. This story is about a group of people who think that abortion protesters should carry smiley faces. Lots of irony in this one.
  • 13:22 - This story about a Mc. Donald's sign that suffered a tragedy similar to the y2k bug.
  • 15:23 - Original Music from the SnowMan, "life goes on".
  • 19:05 - Articles from the classifieds that were written to mean one thing, but said another.
  • 23:32 - Warnings to keep stupid people out of trouble.

Show 19

  • 02:48 - Because this show is recorded in winter, it makes The SnowMan think of wind chill, so he tells the listeners how it works.
  • 04:41 - The SnowMan expresses his irritation with people who give stupid instructions and/or stuff that happens at happy feel good meetings.
  • 09:59 - Hefties is back once again. The SnowMan also recalls the staff party which had happened that last Wednesday, where The SnowMan invited the WWSNOW dogs to the party.
  • 13:42 - A story about a man who fought off a robber with an 8-pound oric xl.
  • 15:41 - Original music, The song about boards, also heard on show 9.
  • 19:51 - Excerpts from 2 books The SnowMan had written for himself, the first about things The SnowMan shouldn't do, and the second about things he should do.
  • 23:33 - A little info about the Hungry cow restaurant.
  • 25:18 - A little song dedicated to Hidey Ho, at the hungry cow.
  • 27:50 - In light of all this talk about food, The SnowMan thinks about how the names of foods effect people and give some examples. Then The SnowMan reveals that he ripped off music from David Gates to do that song. The SnowMan also reminds us that a few shows ago he destroyed a carpinders song, The SnowMan asked them if they didn't mind and of course they all chimed in to say "no". The SnowMan says that David Gates is now working with sheep, then The SnowMan talks about sheep for a little while, what they're like, how they remind The SnowMan of the Birth of Christ.

Show 20

  • 01:04 - The SnowMan reads an email from some one who describes the program very well. Then, The SnowMan gives listeners and newcomers a way to listen to a continuous repeating cycle of the broadcast, and to allow them to rate the program, The SnowMan informs all of the 3 people who care that he is on live 365.
  • 04:54 - Because of the way The SnowMan told the people who rated The SnowMan "so so" on live 365 that they sucked, this leads to a discussion of onomatopoeia, or, as the Snowman calls it, onomato poetry, the analysis of certain words and the English language in general.
  • 10:16 - The news. A stupid political story that, believe it or not, is not worth describing., because this writer didn't understand it.
  • 14:02. - promos, and contact info.
  • 15:32 - Original music, The song "I'm ready," This show was ripped apart in show 26 to do a Sound forge demo.
  • 20:04. - Its time to play What An Idiot!
  • 22:27 Wild bumper stickers that are turning up.
  • 27:04 - A neat little program to trace problems on the web.

Show 21

  • 01:34 - The SnowMan talks about the fart machine, and gives a very good use for it!
  • 08:13 - A commercial that encourages people to think twice before giving blood. Just think of the annoyances you make possible by allowing a sick person to have to keep living.
  • 09:15 - Fake commercial, Ecoli. This one is a classic. I think The SnowMan played this one on show number1.
  • 10:48 - Thoughts about internet radio commercial radio and how cool it use to be, and how much it sucks now. When The SnowMan was a kid, of course he loved commercial radio, and the technological side as well, so he figured out how to transmit.

Show 22

  • 01:52 - Oh neetness! The Snowman has ordered some digital multitracking hardware so he can lose his work, but at least have the remnance of it sound good.
  • 05:12 - This is a neat little story about some of the little differences between The SnowMan and his wife, Linda.
  • 07:48 - A national note. A Russian cheese indirectly causes a disease, which makes people dissatisfied with their government.
  • 10:11 - The game of lets make a sentence. Also heard on several other shows.
  • 12:22 - The famous buddy phone simulation, highlighting the vagaries of net-based phone conversations.
  • 14:08 - More about sheep and stuff like that. I really think The SnowMan is obsessed with sheep. But, duh, this writer don't get it.
  • 18:53 - The truth about Harry Hoodahi. This story illistrates the concept that people can adapt to where ever they are, and that eventually becomes reality for them.

Show 23

  • 02:11.2 - The Snowman plays with a little cow toy which some how compromises the beautiful picture he was painting of his WWSNOW estate.
  • 03:39 - Hefties still isn't back from his vacation so no newhues...
  • 05:17 - Snowman talks about George Bush sky diving at age 75.
  • 07:16 - talk about The SnowMan's time scuba diving in Mexico. He talks about how cool it is to breathe under water because you learned very early in life that under normal conditions this isn't possible! This caused the SnowMan to take about 3 or 4 years to learn how to swim, a retarded swimmer, but how cool it was the first time he went off the diving board.
  • 13:52 - commercial break: Show brought to you by twisty ties.
  • 16:06 - The Snowman talks about his sail plane experience in detail, taking up most of the remaining part of the show. This description is so vivid, if you have a good imagination you could practically live the experience yourself.

Show 24

This show was Recorded in the spring time.

  • 3:33.3 - Talking about how cool internet broadcasting is and how The SnowMan thinks about the stuff he talks about.
  • 07:56 - The SnowMan talks about a trick he played on his dad when he was a kid and how annoying he (The SnowMan)probably was. Fortunately he has learned how to direct practical jokes at people leaving them a shred of dignity.
  • 10:21.3 - news with hefties. Its about gustatory rynaria, eating food causes a runny nose. More than 4 people suffer from this disease which is a major embarrassment for the person. Fortunately for the people, most restaurants will have sniffling rooms so that people with this condition can eat together. This brings about an idea of having a no children room, and a no perfume room. Hefties and The SnowMan also create the idea of the barbarian room which people can literally clean their plate, Manually.
  • 19:59 - a very valuable tip as to how to annoy yourself.
  • 21:43 - A parity of what may happen when you call 911 in Pensyltucky. This is only slightly exagerated, but still quite amusing.

Show 25

  • 04:51 - talk about the sexy x and give the ip address, and then you talk about how records were packed over the years.
  • 09:15 - The Sadie Sanduskey theater does a series on music that sucks featuring Ronald Snairsby serenading people singing by sucking on his vacuum.
  • 12:29 - The actual Ronald Snairsby performance.
  • 13:49 - The SnowMan does some really freaky commercial, and tells his listeners its his birthday and talks about his present, the light listener. He thanks the people for sending him cards and then promptly says he couldn't care less about them.
  • 17:44.8 - The SnowMan shares a story about how he took a birthday card with a picture of "Balloons" on it and modified it so a blind friend would know what the raised drawing on the card Actually represented, at least, according to The SnowMan.
  • 22:33 - A vague recounting of a birthday party.
  • 25:38 - Discuss the delightful game of hide and seek and how that got Hefties in the Looney bin.

Show 26

  • 01:54 - The SnowMan gives his opinion on descriptive video and plays a very low quality clip of an old movie being described. He basically comes to the conclusion that although it is a good thing, people who don't need it might feel the experience would be interrupted with the description.
  • 08:23 - News once again... Hefties was in the Looney bin for 3 days because of the stuff that happened at the big birthday party.
  • 11:15 - Actually begins reading the news. The first story is one about how scientists can take pigs and create organs for humans such as installing a pig snout on a lady...
  • 13:49 - Program brought to us today by gum suck... A very useful product for many reasons... not the least of which might be, keeping your dentures in your mouth.
  • 15:55 - Ever take a tour through the phone book and look at all the weird names that are in there. The SnowMan has done it, and it ain't pretty. But, it's funny.
  • 18:57 - The Susie Doozy undertide song...
  • 20:11 - This discussion of phones leads to how The SnowMan hates automated attendants. Who doesn't!
  • 21:24 - A little song making fun of an actual automated attendant.
  • 22:46 - The infamous demo of The SnowMan's sound forge scripts for the screen reader, Jaws For Windows.

Show 27

The SnowMan begins this broadcast very pessimistic, which means that after saying he doesn't know if this is worth anything or not, he tells people how to buy the program, and the details as to why it is a good idea to get a copy of the master recording.

  • 04:12 - The SnowMan answers the question... Why do women like cats, and tells about his freaky experiences with them. He concludes that women like cats for the exact reason that they don't like men sometimes.
  • 06:28 - When The SnowMan begins comparing himself to a personality of a cat, he rambles on about how he likes staying up all night because he cannot stop thoughts from flowing through his head, which keeps him from wanting to get up in the morning. He then describe the classes he went to in college to learn how to meditate. He then compares how his mind works with the rest of society in that people are always trying to find excitement.
  • 14:25 - news that is not newhuse... Hefties makes the immediate observation that you can tell how people are doing by their smell, like a dog... The first story is about a California man who got in an argument with his wife. He flipped out in front of his apartment and began throwing groceries at his wife and eating raw meat to offend her because she is a vegetarian. It was the most unkind thing he could think of to do.
  • 18:41 - The story about Daryl and Martha, taking a little drive in Daryl's new pickup truck, deciding to park and make love. When they get ready to leave, they discover, They're Stuck. And Martha is wearing, um, well, night clothes. Should they call for help?

Show 28

The SnowMan begins describing the virus he supposedly put into the computers of his listeners so that a person is unable to turn it off, doesn't work on portable cd players?

  • 04:04 - The shortest period of time known to man, which is the time between when a phone rings and when a teenager answers.
  • 05:51 - The SnowMan plays with the phone to here caller id strings. This leads to a discussion about telemarketers and people saying things they don't mean.
  • 08:36 - This causes The SnowMan to bring up the subject of so-called "tech support'.
  • 11:26 - How tech support is greatly aided and enhanced by generic error messages.
  • 16:20 - hefties is out once again, this time because he has a nose bleed.
  • 17:02 - Program brought to us today by
  • 18:21 - The show was then interrupted by a nuclear attack which made The SnowMan recall what the blinks at the braille jail would do if something like that ever happened.
  • 20:36 - The SnowMan reads us a tip by a psychologist that says that it makes people feel better if they move their furniture around. Problem is you could run in to something, but you may find something in the process.
  • 25:46 - What would aliens report if they came to earth... Neat little prospective...

Show 29

  • 00:01:50 - The SnowMan gets rid of the people who only listen to 2 minutes of the broadcast until they find something more exciting to do.
  • 00:02:17 - a bit of Snowman-interpreted e-humor which is a collection of things that came from history exams submitted by school kids.
  • 12:56 - These spelling errors remindThe SnowMan of his old English teacher who is not yet retired, and who used the word pathetic a lot.
  • 14:23 - The SnowMan then continued reading the excerpts from the history tests. These are really cool.
  • 00:22:19.8 - Program brought to us by marijuana, that's the name, and it blows away your troubles, and half your brain.
  • 00:22:51 - The creative process, and how it works, and how it got started.
  • 00:24:25 - Date night... nummy... A very exciting time where guys learned to carry books in front of themselves... Lots of neat experiences and tips conveyed in this segment such as why mothers should disappear on date night.

Show 30

Starts out on a positive note for a change.

  • 01:35 - Are you effusive? Do you emote? Do you overstate things? Studies show people enjoy people who go the extra mile to express things. Meanwhile, teenagers tend toward the opposite extreme. How would it be if we took all the superlatives out of things? How would they sound?
  • 05:51 - Now The SnowMan pulls out a list of such songs.
  • 10:51 - The newhuse once again, screwing up the romantic mood! He's reporting this time from the wwsnow can! First, we must take a commercial break because hefties has to finish his business.
  • 12:51 - Oh at the treasures in the canisters of vacuum cleaners. You'll be amazed at the things you'll find in your wet and dry.
  • 13:50 - He is now back. The cause of his pain was what he ate at the Hungry Cow restaurant thanks to Heidi's recommendation.
  • 16:03 - He actually begins reading the news. Part rangers report an increase in the population of bares. This story contains ways to avoid bears and other animals in forests.
  • 19:25 - The SnowMan asks the question... what if fish thought people were edible...
  • 21:23 - Go to this part of this show to learn about the best diet you could possiblely have and where to get it.
  • 23:37 - Frog hunting in the farm ponds at night, and The SnowMan's relatives from the city.

Show 31

This is The SnowMan's first time producing the program in the digital domain. He makes a point of turning on the backup tape.

  • 02:57 - The guide dog song!
  • 03:40 - A message brought to us by the committee of people who worry about things.
  • 05:11 - Another peace of web humor, this time a list of 45 oxymoron's such as... act naturally.
  • 21:54 - News that is not newhuse. the guys start out by complaining about the querks of cakewalk and when he will be able to help.
  • 00:23:42 - Actually begins reading the news. Scientists suggested men should take a look at beer consumption because it has female hormones...
  • 25:43 - Radio news and tips... such as how to find out technical information about a broadcast station.

Show 32

  • 01:02 - The SnowMan is excited because he's getting an AM transmitter and will be broadcasting around the neighbor hood just like when he was a kid.
  • 05:45 - Their is physical evidence that dsl will be available to The SnowMan soon...
  • 11:17 - Thinking about the telephone, its history, and how it will change in the future. Their are a lot of really cool tidbits in this segment.
  • 19:55 - Deviated from discussing the history of the phone to tell us about how a kid at The SnowMan's school would use a crank of an old phone to shock people.
  • 21:55 - The old dial telephone and how annoying but sometimes how cool and useful it could be.
  • 24:00 - How touch tones work and talk about the blue box for a little while.
  • 28:26.0 - To celebrate the telephone, this show ends with a little jingle made with sounds from various telephones.

Show 33

  • 01:46 - The SnowMan is broadcasting, but not on the frequency he wanted to be because he is using an old transmitter from a college which was on the air in 1968.
  • 05:14 - 16 more shows and there'll be 24 hours of programming although The SnowMan actually did 30 more after that. Another neat little sales pitch from a very different perspective.
  • 07:25 - The SnowMan shares very interesting stories about computers and antivirus programs which, for some reason makes him want a list of euphemisms from people.
  • 09:19 - Time for the newhuse... Its been a while... Hefties also likes the improvements sense the guys had worked on the equalization. He didn't help because he was with his girl friend. Why Else.
  • 12:08 - actually starts reading the news. To men try to get in the ginnis book of world records by slapping each others faces... Unfortunately they were not successful although they did get in after all. This story causes a massive argument which breaks out in in-studio fighting .
  • 14:35 - Silly sally Sarah suicide song.
  • 16:15 - Apology for the violence in the program. Weebit mental shows up, but is denied entrance to the studio. This means hefties can't leave so he goes in the clauset.
  • 19:42 - The SnowMan becomes thought provoking... Very scary! He leaves early to face Dr. Weebit Mental, the staff psychologist.

Show 34

  • 02:21 - Hefties is still in the bin because of a little argument from last week. Fortunately, the guys were allowed to have screw drivers and the transmitter in their with them.
  • 07:04 - Another neat little toy... A 486 machine... Its hard to keep the computer alive to get an os on it. Hefties got fed up with it and belted it. As a result of his behavior, he's in the bin again.
  • 09:24 - summer time is coming, and The SnowMan is playing with his Studio Vocalist harmonizer.
  • 10:16 - The SnowMan describes the various conventions that occur during this time and how cool they are.
  • 15:25 - An original, early SnowMan recording from 1971 about how cool summer will be once it arrives.
  • 22:24 - A cut from 1963 when The SnowMan was in the 5th grade. You'll be surprised at how different The SnowMan sounds!
  • 23:26 - Because he thought he sounded like a hick The SnowMan starts making fun of himself, and of gun smoke. Then he launches in to an Arkansas story about Jethro, and a letter he gets from his mom.

Show 35

  • 02:54 - Hefties quit because of the computer, which caused The SnowMan to fire Dr. Weebit Mental. So now, no one works at WWSNOW except The SnowMan and his secretary.
  • 04:15 - The SnowMan recalls the time when he cut his leg with a chain saw.
  • 07:54 - What if the sound of an object was what it was actually called?
  • 10:10 - A little music which will surely strengthen the values of society. Yeah right!
  • 11:05 - How can I live with out you if you never leave.
  • 12:11 - more summer memories and observations... beautiful! really!
  • 19:02 - Bathroom manners... Are you board? Guess I am too because I find this interesting.
  • 23:53 - Hefties shows up sense he learned that The SnowMan has fired Weebit mental...
  • 26:15 - The hungry cow, and other freaky restaurants and food.

Show 36

  • 00:01:29 - the program is done only in English but The SnowMan is trying to make it accessible in other languages although the humor in the program plays upon the language. So, he brings out a list of sentences were words sound different but are spelled the same.
  • 14:33:58 - The SnowMan talks about how they roasted this guy when he left the company, and how he critiques himself when he does public performances. He says that the best thing to do is to get a balance between the extreme of feeling really good about what you do all the time, and always being too critical. Examples included.
  • 26:11 - A summer song from 1988 called summer wind.

Show 37

  • 01:08 - More about the conventions and blind people taking over various hotels.
  • 03:54 - The SnowMan begins playing with his equipment and brings up the discussion on the pc audio list of a vocoder. He talks about what it is, how it works and plays with the vocoder algorithm found on the Ensoniq dp4.
  • 12:18 - The vocoder makes you think of all kinds of different musical phrases people have used through the years...
  • 15:20 - Hefties shows up during this freaky discussion and, for once doesn't change the subject.
  • 23:07.1 - Neat little song made buy hefties and The SnowMan using most of those phrases. Then, Weebit shows up after that song demanding his pay for the last two weeks of service.
  • 25:00 - Hefties actually begins reading the newhuse. He has a story about the young Canadian boy who had fallen out of a ride as Disney World. The dr that interviewed him kidnapped him and took him to Florida. This makes fun of the Elian Gonzales kid.

Show 38

More about the transmitter... The SnowMan is still on 660KHz and plan to stay their for a while sense he has invested in new vacuum tubes. This show features the WWSNOW studio, how The SnowMan puts the program together, how the studio looks, and what's in it.

  • 06:36.0 - The SnowMan talks about, and demonstrates the power of the sampler.
  • 18:23.4 - Talk about the various computers and synthesizers The SnowMan has such as the Alesis s4+, the old Roland Juno 106, and sr 16 drum machine.
  • 23:23.9 - talk about the mixer and multitrack real to reel deck.
  • 24:29.2 - The SnowMan plays with his rack of effects devices such as Digitec harmonizer and ensonic dp 4.

Show 39

This is the pre-convention addition where The SnowMan shuts out the sighties! He talks briefly about the conventions from both of the major blindness organizations.

  • 04:27 - The SnowMan is supposedly working on a new mp3 compression scheme where letters are taken out to save space and still preserve audio quality! But, is the meaning always the same?
  • 07:05 - The weird things people say...
  • 08:11 - The "Manamany Wiscansan," song!
  • 09:45 - list of freaky phrases continued.
  • 19:16 - The SnowMan talks about his new wireless keyboard. Perfect for operating from the world-famous WWSNOW party shed.
  • 21:01 - An article reprinted in the braille monitor about things that had been written about blindness that have spelling errors in them.
  • 23:33 - Another tour of the studio... Well that's what The SnowMan told people until he made sure he got rid of people who were touchy about tasteless things... Then, he actually plays the song "sticky love" that he wrote in 1987.
  • 24:56 - The song begins.

Show 40

  • 01:23.3 - Its raining out side! The SnowMan is bummed because it should be nice out side. So he begins playing a rain sound effect and wondered how it would sound through mp3. Then he tells a story about a guy who thought thunder storms had names and personalities.
  • 04:49.5 - The SnowMan talks about how he could pick up lightning with an antenna when hewas a kid and would calculate how far a storm was away. The sound effect he used was a sample of a bug zapper, so of course he made a little production about a life and death of a bug. Pretty creative.
  • 07:50 - He's still going on about the bugs again and how fascinated they are with the light. This is the actual production bit.
  • 10:15 - A commercial about minty denty freshadent which keeps bugs out of your mouth and stomach.
  • 13:15 - Another thing from the truly tasteless file. This one is about Fred and Mary.
  • 18:46 - A little snippet from the Archive of the SnowMan playing with his guitar back in the seventies and making up lyricks on the fly.
  • 23:44.8 - Introduction of the song, camp fire girl, that The SnowMan made in 1973 that he actually got recorded on record although it was the worst vinyl pressing he had ever heard.
  • 26:17 - the song itself.

Show 41

The SnowMan starts off by talking about how cool the convention was and how he recommends that people who can should go because of what they will learn. He then shares some notes that he took while at the 2000 acb convention.

  • 04:03 - Reads some notes of questionable merrit that didn't fit in to any "Category."
  • 08:54 - The SnowMan decides that it would not be a good idea to stop at show 48. And yes, this is a big deal...
  • 09:35 - At this time The SnowMan, in an effort to be sensitive, becomes concerned that deaf people are unable to enjoy the broadcast, but has no way of fixing it. Should he be providing transcripts of the broadcast. Or, since the broadcast relies so heavily on audio gags, should the program be discontinued altogether in an effort to be fair?
  • 11:54 - A new serial with 1 episode... Yes the famous Frank Shilk Serky.
  • 18:47. - Things you learn as you get older and why you shouldn't be afraid of getting older.
  • 25:44 - The news once again. The guys talk about the convention and what they did. They waste the rest of the broadcast because their is no newhuse.

Show 42

You got to get up to get a get down feeling. Where will this lead... I have no idea.

  • 01:55 - More about the ongoing developments of the AM transmitter. He talks about both the transmitters from the 60's that he is running, and gives the latest info about the new solid state transmitter kitand, a duel frequency dynamic range compression scheme.
  • 7:33 - Because the solid state transmitter, from Ramsey Electronics, doesn't work like it should and they say it works correctly, The SnowMan gets on his sope box about people who do not do their jobs correctly.
  • 08:47 - During this wonderful soap box, The SnowMan recognizes the fact that people are looking for cheep employees. So he reads an article he found on the net about strange things that have turned up on resumes.
  • 21:38. - Weird and inexplicable things, such as why are their handicapped parking spaces at a skating rink...

Show 43

The SnowMan found an old document about the history of the Iowa school for the blind and described what moon braille, and New York Point Braille looked like.

  • 05:06. - The SnowMan has a sponsor, a very boring sponsor, but at least he has one.
  • 05:42 - An add where people can get molecules of the statue of liberty named after them.
  • 08:07 - A little summer music .
  • 09:50 - The pros and cons of being positive.
  • 12:18 - An "actual recording" of some overly positive people who went down with the USS Titanic! Very cute!
  • 13:05 - The newhuse with news man Hefty Genitals. He's been to his cousin Oral's house and had a rather interesting time there.
  • 15:09 - Launches in to the news. People who try to protect children from germs are actually doing them a disservice. The solution to this problem is to let toddlers eat as much garden dirt as they can, and dunk children with not teach in mixture of cow dung and grass clippings. During this broadcast, you also hear a lot of neat little parts that The SnowMan didn't edit properly. Although he may have fixed this in the real audio file, and you can check if you like, they are rather obvious in the mp3 file.
  • 16:42. - Hefties reads a story from the Pensyltucky gazette about a blind man whose dog walked him out on to the street in front of a car and his bad luck with new dogs.
  • 19:15. - The SnowMan goes on a soap box on how people should create positive propaganda for the press so blind people can appear more competent.
  • 21:26. - The SnowMan asks people if they generally get in a little routine where they do the same thing every day. He gives some advantages as to why people should get out of there's and how to do it. This is really thought provoking, you should check it out.

Show 44

  • 02:46 - This program is recorded during the midst of the napster crisis. - The SnowMan gives his take on it all.
  • 12:43. - The e-mail.
  • 17:21 - things you need to know although they will not change your life.

Show 45

  • 01:19 - The SnowMan is fooling around with the idea of having the program in English and Spanish (snowman radio international.) saying that the more he writes, the weirder he finds the English language.
  • 01:56 - Some examples of why English is so strange.
  • 11:04 - The mood for food song inspired by the discussion of the English language. A truly infantile abuse of a Yamaha SPX90 effects processor.
  • 21:01 - An add on how to avoid PDS (Pleasure Deficit Syndrome) by listening to beacon stations.
  • 22:39 - The summer music with The SnowMan singing about nondirectional beacons.
  • 23:24 - Information that you can't use because its useless. Very, um, useless.

Show 46

In this show, Hefties shows up immediately, claiming that all the news he could was below the standards the SnowMan had set for the program. He agrees to sit idly bye, going through his notes. But, of course, he can't keep quiet. So, Hefties and the producer harrass The SnowMan throughout the entire show.

  • 06:21 - a primer on how to decode management speak. What they really mean when they say things.
  • 09:29 - Start of the actual list.
  • 24:30 - Hefty Genitals got a letter from his grandma and reads it on the broadcast! This is really really funny!

Show 47

  • 01:35 - We find out that the AM transmitter kit The SnowMan ordered wasn't up to his standards, so he got a refund.
  • 03:16- The SnowMan talks a little about his summer and how everyone is doing in his family including his dogs who aren't doing that well.
  • 05:12 - On the humor list this week, funny things that turned up in church bulletins that weren't meant to be funny. But, they are!
  • 14:50 - The list of church bulletins inspires The SnowMan to bring up a list of sentences whose means have been altered by braille typos.
  • 18:54. - Hefties does the newhuse. newhuse once again. The SnowMan and hefties switched restaurants. The SnowMan went to the Hungry cow, and he was at Hernandos.
  • 21:15 - He actually Begins reading the news. This story is about a guy who traveled across the entire country via a lawn Mower. Amazingly the guy is 85 years old. The next story is about another freak who stole an entire stash of viagra from a drug store and had to have his jeans surgicaly removed.
  • 24:35. - Another short, and annoyingly stupid commercial for wish networks.
  • 25:47 - The SnowMan tell us what frames are in audio terms. You give some really interesting facts about stuff but I don't know how to classify it, 'cause I don't understand none of it.... duh...

Show 48

  • 01:34 - Weird things sighted airheads want to know about the blind.
  • 20:35 - The news once again. This story is about the annual lick the dog race held at the Pensyltucky county fair.
  • 24:52. - An exercise in sound, characteristically pointless but interesting.
  • 26:28 - Merfies Law.

Show 49

The famous broadcast that exceeds the 24 hour limit.

  • 04:01 - The truth about popcorn.
  • 05:43 - Commentary, can the government really take care of Everything?
  • 08:03 - Important facts about sexy stuffs.
  • 26:06.3 - The news once again, With Hefty Genitals. first of course the very juicy social side.
  • 27:36.9 - freaky news story about some substandard sandwich shop which developed some strange poison.

Show 50

A characteristicly weird opening to this show.

  • 01:19 - Hefties shows up early to help The SnowMan who has dropped his notes and is searching for them under the world-famous WWSNOW desk.
  • 06:11 - a list of things from computer nerds teashirts. These are pretty cute.
  • 18:01 - The news, starting out with some comments about last weeks story. No real news. Just Hefties and The SnowMan in friendly banter.
  • 23:56 - Snowman Original music from 1986.

Show 51

The SnowMan Just finished cutting down some dead trees and brings up some nice sound effects to start the show, and now he's really excited about getting started.

  • 01:32 - The SnowMan's voice mate comes on and reminds him to do the broadcast. I think he's had way too much fun with the little thing.
  • 04:33 - Why prison is better than actually working for a living.
  • 10:39 - The SnowMan shows us a subliminal message he dropped in to a Snowman jingle encouraging people to buy his JAWS scripts.
  • 12:25 - Hefties shows up, perhaps with some news out side of his freaky social life, worth checking out.
  • 14:15 - Hefties found a biological baloney that grows so you can live on it. This relates to his girl friend, as most things like this do. Fortunately no real news, guess that was enough.
  • 17:22 - The SnowMan talks about how lucky his dog is because it doesn't have to work. He also introduces a few other dogs such as Kletus, and reads a little poem about Kletus.
  • 20:06 - Original music from The SnowMan, A little dog music from the archive written in 1985.
  • 25:23 - It's autumn. And The SnowMan's thoughts turn to going back to school, and tells a story about peers who deserve apologies.

Show 52

One of the more unusual Snowman shows, a departure from the usual format, in honor of one full year of broadcasting.

  • 01:19 - Don't we deserved to lose it on this show?
  • 02:12 - The theme of constants starts here.
  • 03:17 - The guy in the toilet shop who invents the highfigh cylinder.
  • 05:08.8 - The future of the cylinder via the museum.
  • 06:18 - Derek's tribute to analog, played in the museum.
  • 07:54 - The people in the museum are then dismissed to the gift shop where they must buy a lot of stuff before they can leave.
  • 08:58 - A little psychoanalytical thing about where power truly lies.
  • 11:03 - Eutopian visions -- In My Eutopian Universe.
  • 14:18 - Original music from The SnowMan.
  • 15:50 - A little poetry. Fall is falling.
  • 16:47 - Death cake! A cheap, late night TV promo for a product to help you commit suicide. complete with very happy jingle.
  • 19:15 - More about constants and cake.
  • 20:34 - The most freaky things are done by "normal" people when they think no one is watching.
  • 23:00 - Interview with Deezly Farnsworth, His observations on a totally bullshit speech by an unnamed politician, and the Farnsworth constant.
  • 25:06 - A little song made up by Deezly Farnsworth himself, "I eat, I eat I f*k and sleep and eat".
  • 25:43 - A song about a balloon.
  • 27:54 - The Farnsworth constant has been rejected. And with that depressing thought the show ends.

Show 53

  • 01:46.0 - The SnowMan apologizes for last weeks show. He talks about what he and Hefties did on their respective vacations and the research each all did.
  • 06:34.0 - POSITIVE things you can count on. This is categorized is radio health food. ? Fan mail on the phone... That's right I called in.
  • 09:01.9 - The list of aphorisms continues.
  • 12:25.1 - After his comments about the election The SnowMan's bias detector went off so the program wouldn't be slanted. Actually its a tool that lets a blind person level up things such as pictures so their sighted friends won't bitch about the pictures being crooked..
  • 21:49.2 - Another memory from the school for the blind... These are really funny.
  • 25:28.3 - The news! More about hefties vacation.
  • 26:56.7 - This story is about the Pensyltucky mayorial election. The second story is a survey about people who wash their hands in the bathroom.

Show 54

We immediately learn that The SnowMan is 4% in to year two of the show. To bad he only made it through 55.7% of this year.

  • 03:56.9 - The SnowMan announces the keep the vote out campaign which would keep people who do not follow politics from voting. During this time, he gives more of his revolutionary ideas concerning this subject.
  • 13:06.5 - Things his mom taught him.
  • 21:17.6 - Its time for the news. Hefties and his girl friend took a vacation to Canada and enjoyed it for many reasons.
  • 24:32.4 - The actual story, more about the mayorial election in Pensyltucky.
  • 27:08.8 - Start it all written by Patrick Perdue.

Show 55

  • 02:26.9 - The SnowMan starts out by playing with his light detector and demoing its many practical and nonpractical uses.
  • 05:22.1 - Wild bumper stickers that are going around. Also discussed on show 45.

Show 56

  • 00:00 - from the get go, The SnowMan is bitching about technology. why can't things just work?
  • 05:37 - Because the new Mexican restaurant in town sucked, The SnowMan went home to eat a TV dinner only to discover it was a Microsoft dinner! And, of course, there are those directions that need to be read and understood. Oh, and those disclaimers?
  • 6:18. - The SnowMan reads the instructions to the dinner... Rather funny actually.
  • 22:38 - We find out why Jonathan called the show Main Menu, at least, acording to The SnowMan.
  • 24:22 - Time zone calculations.
  • 25:07 - The news, With News Man Hefty Genitals.
  • 27:53 - A story from the Pensyltucky gazette about a 69 year old woman who sued McDonalds because she burned the inside of her thy with a pickle. When pickels are hot, they're HOT!

Show 57

This show recorded on a cold windy day in automnmnmnmn.

  • 1:40. - This weather puts The SnowMan in the mood for a funeral, and, of course, there is one. The passing on of common sense. That's some deep stuff, true, very very true...
  • 07:23 - The WWSNOW gun may cause legal issues concerning The SnowMan's sampler, Must it be registered? Does he have the right to carry a concealed sampler? this is scary, but thought provoking.
  • 08:15. - On show 50, The SnowMan did a thing about nerd teashirts, And, he has found more to read... Again rather cool...
  • 12:53. - Continued from show 48, a few more things that sighted airheads want to know about blind people.
  • 15:37 - The news! The SnowMan is depressed again; Hefties gives him a potential cure. The mayoral race is over and there will be no voting this year.
  • 19:14 - The two extremes of video description. Have you ever wondered what it's like for a blind person to listen to a bunch of sighted people orgasming over a video with inadequate audio cues? This is the thing where you have the little sound effects with people laughing and the little dude wondering what's going on. Far too real.
  • 23:06 - Things The SnowMan loses himself in, that are his norm, rather than trying to glean something out of movies... Really? Are there actually alternatives?

Show 58

  • 00:01:08.7 - A disclaimer other than the normal one. This one stating that the show requires your brain.
  • 00:02:33.0 - The deaths of famous American icons, why The SnowMan is depressed about autumn and more... The highlight of this is the recollection of the death of common sense and the death of the Pillsbury doe boy.
  • 00:08:55.7 - Because hefties was afraid of being elected as mayor, he left to go on a cruise.
  • 00:11:52.5 - How The SnowMan rearranged the letters in his boss's name tag, and the incredible variety of names that resulted..
  • 00:15:58.9 - Names you can get from the name Steve Anderson. The SnowMan then refers to the weird names found in the phone book on show 26.
  • 00:22:49.3 - A little song The SnowMan did in 1994 for Rush Limbaugh.

Show 59

  • 00:02:21.5 - The SnowMan is ticked off because the 2000 election isn't over yet.
  • 00:05:04.8 - The SnowMan is still talking about the election. I just thought I'd let you know that so you know that I'm not asleep, although if this segment lasts any longer, I will be.
  • 00:11:17.6 - The thrill of jumping into very cold water, and what it's like to recover from the experience.
  • 00:18:36.9 - The beginning of the work plan as told by the Book of genesis.
  • 00:19:56.8 - The SnowMan just thanked everyone for sending e-humor to him to waste time although at the beginning he discouraged this kind of thing so that, ironically, it wouldn't waste his time...
  • 00:22:02.0 - THE newhuse...
  • 00:22:54.4 - The SnowMan has Hefties talk about the cruise he and his girlfriend, Nookie, went on last week...
  • 00:24:41.4 - Dumb people who tried to rob various stores... This is great!
  • 00:28:09.6 - Fun with short wave, languages, effects processors and more.

Show 60

  • 00:01:57.2 - You gotta take time to waste time... and/or all play, all day... Rather nice intro.
  • 00:02:43.2 - The SnowMan's crock detector came on.
  • 00:05:37.9 - Introduction to definitions The SnowMan reads next.
  • 00:13:48.7 - Little bothersome things about marriage. Things kind of trailed off from one of the definitions.
  • 00:16:29.9 - Back to the definitions.

Show 61

  • 00:02:00.4 - The SnowMan is mellowed out because its thanksgiving time.
  • 00:04:28.5 - The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy...
  • 00:05:39.6 - Missing passages from the declaration of independence.
  • 00:09:20.4 - A bit of lame e-humor from the mail this week.
  • 00:19:30.0 - More truths. This despite the warning that most of the things you hear here are not true.
  • 00:22:33.6 - Promo for Master muffler and break.
  • 00:23:48.6 - Neat little musical snowman promo.
  • 00:24:23.2 - Original music from The SnowMan, Windy lullaby, from 1987.

Show 62

  • 00:02:07.1 - The SnowMan made a little discovery about ftp downloading... As long as you download faster than you play you can hear the file while it's downloading, just like it was streaming.
  • 00:08:14.7 - The SnowMan talks about all the different kinds of things he likes to listen to, which then allows him to promote the ideas zone. He talks about how he is going to rap up the jfw scripts sessions on main menu.
  • 00:11:23.9 - Anagrams. how they work, with amusing examples.
  • 00:18:03.6 - The SnowMan veers off from the anagrams and talks briefly about his ham radio days.
  • 00:19:13.4 - Resuming anagrams.
  • 00:22:04.1 - These are actually funny because of The SnowMan's comments on each of the anagrams he reads.
  • 00:25:28.7 - The News. hefties does some research on his book, and found a sponsor.
  • 00:27:16.4 - A story about a man who invented portable clouds.
  • 00:28:34.7 - A farewell thought.

Show 63

Christmas show! As of this recording, it is almost vacation time!

  • 02:02 - The SnowMan talks about the most recent addition to his studio, that being the PeVee studio mix.
  • 06:27 - recalling how much fun it was to dig in closets for Christmas gifts when you were a kid.
  • Songs for the for the psychiatrically challenged.
  • 14:52 - A carpenters Christmas song parity with interjected wise cracks.
  • 18:20 - Saint Elphonzoes restaurant. Where people from all over the ice cap come to eat, and it's always breakfast.
  • 22:55 - A neet little song inviting people to shop in marshal town this year.
  • 23:24 - The wonders of the American train.
  • 23:58. - Promo for Don Anderson heating and cooling.
  • 24:20 - The dude who writes himself a little Christmas letter, using his unreliable computer. Also heard on show 6. Very cool though.
  • 27:16 - The SnowMan's feelings about Christmas go from one extreme to another.

Show 64

  • 01:21 - Because it is really really cold, The SnowMan has a microphone out side so that people can listen to the wind and snow. He compares the actual sound of wind to an old sound effect of wind in his sound effects library.
  • 04:36 - Just to prove how handy it is to have a sound effects library, To make himself feel warmer when he is out shoveling snow, The SnowMan wears headphones, playing recordings of crickets.
  • 05:57 - The SnowMan goes through some of his 45 rpm records and talks about how they were made at certain periods of time, and what they sounded like when you tapped on them to make them resonate. You can hear the quality of the plastic.
  • 10:50 - An of course, The SnowMan sampled them, and made a little "music".
  • 11:15 - New definitions for commercial products and services.
  • 20:54 - The newhuse! WITH hefties. very Cool! he's calling in from just south of the North Pole.
  • 22:38 - From over the cell phone he begins to read the news! According to this, Al Gore claims that for Santa to make a list and check it twice is a bad thing because it doesn't represent the true wishes of the children. But wait theirs more... This is one of the most screwed up stories on this series!
  • 26:03 - A notice from the queen of England has been sent to the USA, it is the official revocation of independence.

Show 65

It's the start of a new year, but The SnowMan doesn't wanna change the opening, and of course he never did.

  • 03:45 - Time to go back to school... School sucks, tests suck, but life's tests do not suck because grades are dynamic.
  • 04:52 - Thirteen rules not taught in the politically correct school systems of today.
  • 16:06 - Other things not taught in schools.

Show 66

  • 02:21 - The SnowMan talks about the fruit basket he got for Christmas that had 2 coconuts and a stick of sugar cane.
  • 06:21 - And, of course, to our mutual amusement, He had to sample it and make "music" with it.
  • 0:21 - The SnowMan uses the sugar cane sample, and the sample he made by tapping on 45 rpm records and makes a really cool little ditty.
  • 10:26 - A tirade on management. Instructive stories! These are grate, kept me laughing for many many minutes. But, I'm done now.
  • 21:09 - Hefties is back.
  • 23:22 - Begins with the news. These are ok but not really funny.
  • 26:35 - A bunch of neet little facts about all kinds of stuff, most of which are actually true!

Show 67

  • 01:11 - Christmas is over and The SnowMan is thankful...
  • 01:54 - New technology! The SnowMan has his 80 gig drive setup with all of his sound effects on it, as well as his minidisc recorder.
  • 03:02 - Fun with containers. Featuring, the sterno can.
  • 08:16 - A little drug abuse on the snowman radio broadcast as he drinks some of the sterno with a surprising outcome.
  • 08:40 - The SnowMan has fun with Pop Rocks candy.
  • 10:31 - The results of mixing pop rocks and sterno.
  • 12:23. - The SnowMan samples the pop rocks too! Then plays with it! Neat.
  • 13:16. - The news with Hefties! Wow! even he thinks what The SnowMan did was really stupid, that is drinking the sterno and swallowing the pop rocks.
  • 14:53 - A story about the Darwin awards. Finally the 2001 natural selection awards have been given out. These are great. These awards, as you may remember, were given to the most stupid people on the face of the earth.
  • 22:54 - Promo, The ad for eds all night egg bar. Cute! Also heard on show 4.
  • 24:39 - Peat's personality sampler, also heard on show 4.
  • 29:17 - The show ends with the usual theme, but with The SnowMan playing with the pop rock sample and the dp 4 in the background.

Show 68

The sun is shining brightly although it is only 11.6 degrees out side of the WWSNOW studios.

  • 01:49 - The SnowMan aint organized before the broadcast! Shame on him!
  • 03:02 - 25 signs that you have had too much of the 90s.
  • 18:41 - The news! The sponsor gives The SnowMan the good idea to talk about different restaurants.
  • 21:12 - A story about a cowboy who wanted to marry his horse!
  • 24:00 - Contact info. Including a spot for live stream America because real audio sounds way better than mp3 The SnowMan also gives details about the mts list and that their will be an advantage coming to those on it, at later date.
  • <27:17 - Facts about urine.

Show 69

Wow, this mp3 starts weirdly. It plays a few seconds, starts over, and has a brief pause inserted for some reason starting at 05:28... several more follow, then it sounds like The SnowMan rewinds the tape the broadcast is on because it starts about 5 seconds before the first pause began. But after that, it's ok for the rest of the broadcast fortunately... But anyway, I see he's really happy about this show being 69. Why is that?

  • 02:42 - The phone rings and its someone who wants to know if The SnowMan wants another dog. This call is the first and only time The SnowGirl is ever heard on the broadcast. dang! This leads to all kinds of funny stories about different dogs The SnowMan has had before.
  • 07:59 - Freedom of speech radio's first spot.
  • 10:06 - Songs The SnowMan hates, how some oldies are used way too much and some never played, and more ramblings on similar topics.
  • 23:40 - Throw away music! After this little song The SnowMan plays with the harmonizer to prove the point that there is a lot of throw away music out there.
  • 25:44 - The news! The SnowMan starts off by talking about the sponsor and the strange people who hang around down there. And, the news is that there is no news.

Show 70

  • 01:41 - More about freedom of speech radio, now known as the snowman unplugged!
  • 04:27 - More fooling around with the sampler has resulted in The SnowMan loading, and making songs with, all the windows sounds. This is cool!
  • 06:38 - A symphony of windows sounds, in glorious mono!
  • 09:21 - a little metal bar The SnowMan sampled! Plays a nice little ditty with the sampled bar.
  • 11:57 - Otsjuke jaws scripts, and more about his vinyl ripping progress. The SnowMan does a little prophecizing during this little spot as well, most of which is accurate.
  • 14:23 - Speaking of vinyl, The SnowMan goes from that, to a list of things one could say in 1971 that would have a different meaning today.
  • 23:36 - Contact info. This is a special day because the cassette tape containing show 70 has filled up the last slot in a box of tapes. woo hoo!
  • 25:56 - Free stripper! Well. Email stripper that is.

Show 71

The show starts with the electric power cutting out as a result of the ice storm which had happened the previous day.

  • 02:51 - Because it warms up, The SnowMan goes out side with his minidisc recorder and records some of the sounds of ice falling from the trees.
  • 06:48 - Watch out for falling things. The Mere space station will be falling in the south pacific. And Jonathan Mosen will be covering it live.
  • 07:35 - Mosen's report.
  • 10:57 - Why bread is a killer substance. A very dangerous food.
  • 22:15 - The news! Latest news from Pensyltucky!
  • 25:37 - The world of science according to some kids.

Show 72

Spring is on the way although its 0 degrees outside.

  • 04:32 - A little science lesson dealing with sound. The SnowMan shows how every sound you hear simply consists of a lot of overtones. he demonstrates this by playing all of the harmonics in a note separately then taking actual sounds and running them through a filter to pull out the various harmonics contained within.
  • 10:31. - More about the bar The SnowMan sampled, and why it wasn't musical by default, and how he made it musical. And that of course was by playing with a filter.
  • 15:46 - Hefties is not in today. Interesting reason.
  • 17:22 - Things that do not translate very well in to other languages.

Show 73

Weird! At the time of this recording, it was raining on top of a foot of snow.

  • 03:20 - They way The SnowMan sees how men and women are different, his opinions about various movements which have happened over time, and more stuff along that line.
  • 08:11 - A little e-humor on this subject. Why computers should be considered masculine.
  • 13:17 - On the other hand, why computers should be considered to be feminine.
  • 22:15 - The news! NEW sponsor. And on a side note! gees! What a party that was!
  • 24:16 - Viagra for women, and other stories dealing with sex in an indirect manor! Hey, at least this show is blowing and kind of staying on 1 topic. Well flows and flows and flows, till it dies.

Show 74

Spring is here, and so is cabin fever.

  • 03:38 - A little rant about high school concerts, and how people go to be more supportive, than to actualy be entertained.
  • 11:10 - A little poetry about "How kids are today." The kids bill of rights.
  • 21:03 - The NewHuse. Hefties, thanks to something he smoked, can make sounds going through his head come out of his teeth.
  • 22:23 - The actual news. These are really short but kind of cute.
  • 25:25 - The SnowMan finds and has fun with an old album of the chipmunks doing beatles songs.

Show 75

The SnowMan shows off his neet little invention that he can use to read voltages and air pressure and all kinds of stuff with. You can hear your Braille note's display tick off the time in sound forge.

  • 07:25 - Winter art. Because the weather is warming up, The SnowMan hints that he may leave, and of course he eventually does. Also at the time of this recording, it's The SnowMan's birthday!
  • 21:25 - The SnowMan plays with the sampler and shows us all the little pieces in the famous 60 minutes alarm clock.
  • 22:53 - How kids look at the world, as revealed by science tests.
  • 26:07 - A little thing, that, I guess basically says all people are alike.
  • 28:01 - a little political humor.

Show 76

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Show 77

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Show 78

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Show 79

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Show 80

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Show 81

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